A Crypto Miner for your Website and APP!
Monetize Your Business With Your Users' CPU Power

The fastest Web Miner existing !!!

The smartest and most secure method to monetize your website traffic.

Integrate CoinRail on your Website

How it works

Run your site without ads !

Our goal was to offer a viable alternative to intrusive and annoying ads that litter so many websites today. These ads are not only a distraction to end users, but also provide notoriously unpredictable and non-transparent revenue numbers. We set out to change that.

Instant payment

  • Direct payouts
  • You earn 80% from CoinRail
  • CoinRail holds only 20%
  • You can receive: Coin(Monero,Bitcoin,Eth,ecc), USD, Euro or what you prefer

Fully compatible

  • We have browser solution
  • We have iOS mobile SDK
  • We have Android mobile SDK


  • Safety for your web site
  • Safety for your App
  • Safety for your user
  • No Spam, rate limit actions on your site

Integrate CoinRail on your Website


To use any of CoinRail's APIs, you have to sign up for an account. A public site key and a private secret key will be generated for you. The site key has to be specified for all client side operations in the browser. The secret key can be used for communication from your server to ours through the HTTP API.

Example: The easiest way to implement the miner into your page and let your users control it.
<script src="https://www.coinrail.io/lib/coinrail.min.js"></script>
	var Rail = new CoinRail.Auth('{token}');
Example: The easiest way to get the number of hashes solved by a user.
curl "https://api.coinrail.com/user/balance?secret=<secret-token>"
# {success: true, name: "Professor_X" balance: 79088}

Integrate CoinRail on your Website

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  • rail@coinrail.com

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